M4 East EIS Volume 2B App H Part 5 Air Quality

M4 East EIS Volume 2B App H Part 5 Air Quality (pdf)

Contents Pages
8.4 Dispersion modelling (continued from part 4) 123
8.5 Results for expected traffic scenarios 126
8.6 Results for regulatory worst case scenarios 172
8.7 Summary of key assumptions 173
8.8 Sensitivity tests 179
9 Assessment of cumulative impacts 182
9.1 Overview 182
9.2 In-tunnel air quality 182
9.3 Ambient air quality 182
10 Management of impacts 183
10.1 Construction impacts 183
10.2 Operational impacts 186
11 Summary and conclusions 196
11.1 Construction impacts 196
11.2 Operational impacts 196
11.3 Management of impacts 200
12 References 201
Appendix A: Traffic pollutants and their effects A
Appendix B: Pollutant formation, dispersion and transformation B
Appendix C: Review of legislation and criteria relating to emissions and air quality C
Appendix D: Examples of previous air quality assessments D
Appendix E: Description and evaluation of emission models E
Appendix F: Existing air quality and assumed background concentrations (continues in part 6) F

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