Jo Haylen’s EIS Haberfield workshop

When residents in other suburbs might have been out in their parks enjoying a relaxing Saturday afternoon, Haberfield and Ashfield residents were busy workshopping complaints about the M4 tunnel project that will demolish scores of homes, precious trees and gardens, take away open space and add to traffic congestion in their neighbourhoods.

Labor MP for Summer Hill Jo Haylen organised the workshop in St David’s Church hall in Dalhousie St, Haberfield. Residents could add comments to a short prepared submission, receive assistance to write their own or collect information sheets for later use.

Residents have been left feeling that Haberfield and Ashfield have been caste aside as collateral damage as the Baird government forges ahead with its 33 k plan. Handy sheets were provided on streets that will be particularly badly affected by the M4 project including Waratah, Chandos, Alt and Bland Sts and Walker Ave. ( Those who would like copies of these can contact Haylen’s office on 95725900.

The short prepared submission began:

I am opposed to the construction of he M4 East Tunnel and do not believe that spending $15.4 billion to achieve a 6 minute travel time saving is justified. The government has ignored the community by signing contracts to build this road before releasing the EIS, the full business case or obtaining planning approval.

And concluded:

This project will not solve Sydney’s traffic problems and NSW taxpayers’ money is better spent investing in Public Transport. Please consider my concerns and address them in your response to the community’s submissions to the EIS.

Jo Haylen's EIS workshop
Jo Haylen’s EIS workshop

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