Your guide to the M4 East EIS documentation

The M4 East EIS is divided Volumes 1 and 2.

Volume 1 is the executive summary.

Volume2 contain all of the many appendices that contain all the details. The appendices are distributed through Volumes 2A through 2H.

Volume 1A

1 Introduction
2 Assessment process
3 Strategic context and project need
4 Project development and alternatives
5 Project description
6 Construction work
7 Consultation
8 Traffic and transport
9 Air quality
10 Noise and vibration
11 Human health

Volume 1B

12 Property and land use
13 Urban design and visual amenity
14 Social and economic
15 Soil and water quality
16 Contamination
17 Flooding and drainage
18 Groundwater
19 Non-Aboriginal heritage
20 Biodiversity
21 Greenhouse gas
22 Aboriginal heritage
23 Resource use and waste minimisation
24 Climate change risk and adaptation
25 Hazards and risk
26 Cumulative impacts
27 Sustainability
28 Environmental risk analysis
29 Summary of environmental management measures
30 Project justification and conclusion

Volume 2A

Appendix A – Secretary’s environmental assessment requirements
Appendix B – Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (NSW) checklist
Appendix C – concept design drawings
Appendix D – Properties affected by acquisition
Appendix E – Government agency submissions
Appendix F – Community consultation framework
Appendix G – Traffic and transport assessment

Volume 2B

Appendix H – Air quality impact assessment

Volume 2C

Appendix I – Noise and vibration impact assessment

Volume 2D

Appendix J – Human health risk assessment
Appendix K – Shadow diagrams
Appendix L – Urban design, landscape character and visual impact assessment

Volume 2E

Appendix M – Social impact assessment
Appendix N – Economic impact assessment
Appendix O – Soil and water assessment

Volume 2F

Appendix P – Soil and land contamination assessment

Volume 2G

Appendix Q – Surface water: flooding and drainage
Appendix R – Groundwater impact assessment

Volume 2H

Appendix S – Non aboriginal heritage impact assessment
Appendix T – Biodiversity impact assessment
Appendix U – Detailed greenhouse gas calculations
Appendix V – Aboriginal heritage assessment
Appendix W – Climate change risk assessment framework

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