Westconnex not worth community damage, says Homebush social worker

This week, the People’s EIS interviewed Aurelia Roper-Tyler who after nearly two years of anxiety is moving from Homebush, the community she has enjoyed living in for ten years. Aurelia’s home was compulsorily acquired by Westconnex in July. She is relieved as she was worried about the drastic impacts the tollway construction and operation could have on her family and community. But she is still anxious about those she will leave behind.

Aurelia could accept some community damage if the social cost was justified, but in the case of Westconnex she says the claims that it will solve Sydney’s traffic congestion don’t add up.

One thought on “Westconnex not worth community damage, says Homebush social worker

  1. Westconnex footprint of over quarter of a million people in just the M4 scope, this project places a significant impact on a large populace. Westconnex EIS endeavours to downplay that there are so many people that will undergo years of 24/7 high impact construction. For some sections, it is 10 years. It is an inhumane project. I am glad that after two years of anxiety Aurelia will get some peace. Though, I suspect there will be the grief of moving to another neighbourhood away from her network support, and her kids school friends that were left behind.


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