A Road to Nowhere – A new video

A new 6 minute video has been released ROAD TO NOWHERE that neatly sums up key arguments against Westconnex. You could share it to introduce friends to the issues or link it into your own submission.

One thought on “A Road to Nowhere – A new video

  1. Fantastic. Much said and presented in such a simple and short video. WestConnex really is a road to nowhere!

    Please watch the video again. Note the surrounds of the first guy being interviewed. He is standing right at the corner of Waratah Street and Dobroyd Parade, Haberfield. Near where the proposed Wattle St (City West Link) Haberfield interchange is supposed to exit. If WestConnex M4East does proceed, there will be significant local roads changes in this area adversely impacting on nearby residents, schools and businesses.

    As the guy speaks, look at the trees behind him. They are located on the Reg Coady Reserve, Haberfield. These trees are going to be chopped down for a WestConnex construction site! And for no good end purpose.

    Six percent of the total Reg Coady Reserve, south of the Dobroyd Canal (Iron Cove Creek), will be temporarily leased during construction – and there will also be permanent acquisition of 12 percent of the Reserve to accommodate the widening of Wattle St. (EIS Volume 1A Executive Summary page ix). Most of Reg Coady Reserve is now open green public space – owned by by Ashfield Council! (A small section near the Martin St corner is under RMS road reservation)

    The trees that are going to be chopped down will not be able to be ‘rehabilitated and returned to there owners’ following construction. And nothing in the EIS reassures me that the roots of trees spared the axe will be protected.

    People, homes and community are precious. But also precious is open, public and green space. We need more of it – not less.


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