One thought on “Volume 2A Appendix D: Property Acquisition

  1. Also, when you look at the table on the list of properties wanted for acquisition, in the first column the ‘Property No.’ seems to be an RMS number and not the street number of the property. So don’t get fooled and think you can work out from this list where houses or businesses are located on any given street. Actual street numbers are not given. Only Lot and RMS internal reference numbers seem to be listed.

    But it is still really worthwhile to take a look at the table, to familiarise yourself with the satellite imagery and identify what properties are required for construction only, or to be permanently acquired. Check out whether ownership is by the RMS, State of NSW, Local Councils, private or commercial. Note legends on the maps.

    THEN go to Volume 2E Appendix M. pages 73-75. These 3 maps are coloured in and show some (but not all), properties and land to be acquired. They show what is to be taken from St Lukes Park Concord/Burwood, and for the Haberfield and Ashfield interchanges. Also what is to be taken from the Reg Coady Reserve, Haberfield.

    Don’t forget, there are personal stories attached to each and every map and list. The numbers and the photos actually represent people’s homes and businesses, or public green space owned by Local Councils or the State of NSW. Don’t forget the human and community devastation, caused and still to be caused by the needless acquisitions for WestConnex, – and all for a toll road that will not solve Sydney’s transport problems. Sharon


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