Short submission prepared for Leichhardt residents

(Editor: One purpose of the The People’s EIS is to provide the public with resources that will assist in making submissions to the EIS. It’s impossible for most people to trawl through the vast amounts of information, let alone in the short time available. If you follow our commentaries, you can begin drafting your own submission by cutting and pasting comments that you believe are significant or with which you agree. You can make more than one submission. After you have prepared your submission, share it with friends and family and encourage them to use it or changing it according to their own views. Today, we received a short submission that will be distributed in Leichhardt tonight. You could use this submission as a starter for your own submission. We welcome submissions to our site, big or small.)

If you are making an online submission, here is the Department of Planning link:

WESTCONNEX PROJECT: Environmental Impact Statement for M4East Tunnel Project (EIS)

Date: _________________2015

The Secretary

DP&E Project No. SSI 6307

NSW Dept. of Planning and Environment

GPO Box 39


NSW 2001

I make the following submission in relation to the above EIS. I strongly object to both the M4 East extension and the entire WestConnex project of which this is part, and request a reply to the following concerns:

  1. I object to the lodging of the EIS before a full business case has been made public, and to billions of dollars of public money being signed away on contracts before any planning approval is given. This is a travesty of democratic and transparent planning.

  2. I object to the traffic impacts that WestConnex, including the M4 East tunnel, will impose on Sydney’s population. The Government’s own figures for the first M4 widening stage of WestConnex show that re-imposing a toll on the current M4 will push thousands of cars and trucks onto alternative routes – Parramatta Road, the M2 and Victoria Road. Research shows that toll roads only provide temporary relief from traffic congestion. The evidence in the EIS is that the M4 tunnel and the proposed M5 tunnel would already be full by 2031 and many local streets and intersections across the entire project area would continue to be severely congested or even worse if the project is completed.

  3. I object to hundreds of people being forced from their homes and businesses for the over 290 properties that will be compulsorily acquired for the M4 East alone. Many affected property owners report that the prices offered by the Government are grossly undervalued and they would not be able to afford to buy in the same area. Many tenants are also being evicted with little prospect of finding equivalent housing.

  4. I object to $15.4 billion being spent on this toll road instead of significant public and active transport improvements. WestConnex is already making living conditions worse for people in suburbs such as Granville and Auburn, and offers nothing to residents beyond Parramatta who have been treated like second-class citizens when it comes to public transport for far too long.

  5. I object to the fact that business owners were not consulted for the economic impact study.

  6. I object to the impact that years of 24-hour construction work will have on communities. Across the route there will be thousands of diesel truck movements a day. The EIS states that noise and vibration impacts will “cause stress and anxiety, affect the enjoyment of outdoor spaces and disturb normal indoor activities [and] sleep patterns with consequent impacts on health and wellbeing.” This is totally unacceptable to me.

  7. I object to the toxic pollution that will come with the M4East tunnel including unfiltered stacks. Pollution in local areas near portals will be worse. Traffic pollution has been linked to higher rates of respiratory and heart disease and lung cancer, and impaired lung development in children. This is completely unacceptable given the high numbers of residents, businesses, schools, child and aged care facilities in the area.

Yours sincerely




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