Greens Balmain MP Jamie Parker launches M4 E submission site

Greeens MP Jamie Parker has launched his M4 E EIS submission site. Remember that you can submit more than one submission. Using Jamie’s site you can update your extra comments at any time which is a handy feature.

In less than a day, the site has already got 300 submissions. There are 12 days to go.

Remember you can make more than one submission.

The main statement in the Jamie Parker’s submission reads:

I write to express my strong objection to the WestConnex M4 East motorway proposal.

Global experience on experience of tollroad construction has demonstrated conclusively that these projects are enormously expensive and counter-productive. This tollroad will increase air pollution and encourage more car use, quickly filling the increased road capacity. It is not a long-term solution to Sydney’s congestion problem.

The fact that the State Government has already signed multi-billion dollar contracts for WestConnex before this EIS was even placed on public exhibition undermines community confidence that this is a genuine consultation process.

I object to this proposal as it:

  • Fails to provide a long term solution to traffic and congestion.
    Robs the limited NSW budget of funds to invest in much needed public transport.
  • Will direct additional traffic into already heavily congested streets, like Parramatta and Victoria Roads.
    Requires the demolition and compulsory acquisition of hundreds of homes.
  • Fails to compare this project against alternative public transport projects.
  • Is not justified by any publicly-released business case.

Please add further comments below to personalise your submission

You can add your name to this submission here

Jamie Submission tiff

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