Summary of reasons why Marrickville Council completely opposes Westconnex M4 East

In September 2015 Marrickville Council reaffirmed its “absolute opposition to the WestConnex project”. Its EIS submission to the M4 East is a powerful rejection of the project. Its staff and independent experts evaluated the EIS and concluded:

  • That the EIS does not justify that the significant expenditure on Westconnex would benefit the broader community including public transport users, pedestrians, cyclists and communities generally. The benefits for toll paying motorists indicated in the EIS are also dubious.
  • There has been no real analysis of alternatives to the M4 East and alternatives that are considered are assessed in isolation of integrated solutions.
  • The EIS assumes that all sections of WestConnex (with the possible exception of the Western Harbour Tunnel) are completed by 2031. If all sections are not completed simultaneously the traffic flowing from the M4 East will have adverse impacts on the inner
    west and central Sydney.
  • To properly evaluate the WestConnex project there needs to be an over-arching EIS for the entire project, i.e. Stages 1, 2, 3, the Southern Gateway and The Sydney Gateway; possibly also the Northern and Southern extensions.

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National Trust : Westconnex not worth heritage destruction

Last week, the National Trust of Australia (NSW) Advocacy Director Graham Quint made a submission to the Westconnex M4 EIS process. The National Trust (NSW) objects to the destruction of so much heritage and argues that the Westconnex motorway system is a flawed policy that does not justify the loss. The People’s EIS recommends this submission to those concerned about the loss of heritage.

The submission begins by reiterating a few points drawn from its
February, 2014 submission to the WestConnex Delivery Authority M4 concept design.

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Major flaws in Westconnex EIS Traffic report

(Ed: These comments about Westconnex Traffic Modelling are relevant to the Westconnex M4 EIS traffic chapter that is already published on the People’s EIS.Traffic modelling can be daunting but we hope that this contribution, along with other contributions on traffic, can help you prepare your own submission.)

By Anthony McCosker*

Traffic Modelling Flaws

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Summary of M4EIS – Social and Economic Impact reports

This is a summary of the sections of the EIS which deal with Social and Economic Impacts. It also contains some editorial comment and critique

What is the purpose of the summary?

The lives of many thousands of people would be negatively affected by the M4E project. Many have already been disrupted and experienced the severe stress of losing homes and community. Others are living in fear of the intense noise, dust and large scale construction that will surround them for years Continue reading