Comments on Air Quality Impact Statement

By Kerry Barlow

The Air Quality Impact statement is in Appendix H (This will shortly be published on this site.)

Executive Summary:

  • this Air Quality Impact Statement relies too heavily on the WestConnex Road Traffic Model (WRTM) forecast of reduced traffic on Parramatta Road for its claim that there will be Continue reading

Short submission prepared for Leichhardt residents

(Editor: One purpose of the The People’s EIS is to provide the public with resources that will assist in making submissions to the EIS. It’s impossible for most people to trawl through the vast amounts of information, let alone in the short time available. If you follow our commentaries, you can begin drafting your own submission by cutting and pasting comments that you believe are significant or with which you agree. You can make more than one submission. After you have prepared your submission, share it with friends and family and encourage them to use it or changing it according to their own views. Today, we received a short submission that will be distributed in Leichhardt tonight. You could use this submission as a starter for your own submission. We welcome submissions to our site, big or small.)

If you are making an online submission, here is the Department of Planning link Continue reading