Haberfield School Parents and Citizens submission to M4 East

(Editor:This submission was submitted by Vice President Sherril Nixon on bahalf of the Haberfield P & C. As with a number of other organisations, the NSW Department of Planning omitted the name of the organisations meaning that members of the public would be most unlikely to find the submission. This submission was submitted before the Westconnex business case was finally released in November 2015)

The parents and community members that make up the P&C at Haberfield Public School object to the WestConnex development. We do not believe this is an efficient use of $15.4 billion of taxpayers’ funds, because we do not believe it will lead to the congestion improvements promoted by the State Government and the WestConnex Delivery Authority (now Sydney Motorway Corporation). We are deeply troubled that the State Government has ignored the community by signing contracts to build this road before releasing this EIS, thefull business case, or obtaining planning approval – this is a reprehensible lack of transparency and proper procedure. Without seeing the business case the community has no way of knowing what other alternatives were considered and what their associated costs were. We are also troubled that the ‘consultation’ with the community has primarily been done in a way that disempowers the community from feeling like they can influence the outcome.

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Submission by Sharon Laura of Haberfield

Few people know more about the impact of Westconnex than Haberfield resident Sharon Laura. Her home in Haberfield would be surrounded by massive construction sites should the M4 East be allowed to go ahead. Drawing on her long experience with social and health issues, Sharon has met, talked and provided support to hundreds of residents along the project route, including tenants and owners who are deeply distressed at having their homes taken off them with such short notice to leave. She is a spokesperson for the Haberfield Westconnex Action Group and has attended lots of EIS and information sessions where she has tried to get answers to her many questions. This is just part of her submission. Sub headings and some emphases have been added by People’s EIS editor

Sharon Laura ( sitting) at Stop Westconnex protest with neighbours. September, 2015
Sharon Laura ( sitting) at Stop Westconnex protest with neighbours. September, 2015

I write to submit in relation to the Environmental Impact Statement for the WestConnex M4 East project. I am opposed to both the M4 East project and all other proposed stages of WestConnex. I request a response to my concerns outlined in this submission. (20151030 SL Final Part A)

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Environmental Scientist finds more work needed on noise and vibration EIS

Comments on Noise and Vibration Assessment

SLR Consulting was hired by Westconnex to conduct an assessment of the noise and vibration impacts of  the Westconnex. Its report can be found in Chapter 10 of Volume 1A from 10.1 onwards continued at 10-3 -10-47 [here](10-3 -10-47) and also in Volume 2C, Appendix I.

Noise could have a long term impact on those who would live beside the proposed M4 East or in local streets and roads carrying extra traffic nearer tunnel exits and on ‘rat runs’. Construction noise from demolition, thousands of truck movements a day and rock crushers would impact on local communities and businesses. In some situations this could occur for several years. In others, the impact would be over shorter periods. Research has shown that noise does have negative effects on health. Vibration from construction including tunneling could cause cracked walls. Westconnex has already begun warning residents of this risk.

The SLR report does recommend noise mitigation for some buildings, although only up to the first story. It recommends noise walls and other strategies that would reduce the noise. Some buildings on Parramatta Rd that would under normal circumstances be offered noise protection would be left exposed so that the land between these buildings and the motorway can later be developed.

In the absence of that we asked an environmental scientist to review the material in Chapter 10 in the EIS . For personal reasons to do with her employment, we cannot publish the environmental scientist’s name.

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A response to WestConnex M4 East proposal: an objection from a Haberfield resident

This document summarises my objections to the recently published EIS for the M4East proposal. It concentrates on aspects of the health and social impact, including social & emotional wellbeing of residents that would result if the M4 East proposal was allowed to go ahead. This along with linked projects, the M5 East duplication & the M4-5 link projects are the bulk of the 33 km long road & tunnel project, collectively known as WestConnex.

Individually and collectively these projects have already impacted on the social and economic life of residents and workers in the inner west Continue reading