Serious flaws in Social and Economic Impact study

(The People’s EIS has already published a number of individual stories that demonstrate the severe social impact of the proposed project. We have suggested that the GHD Social and Economic Impact study that was prepared in conjunction with AECOM is inadequate. These reports were contained in Appendices M and N and were combined into a single chapter in the main report.)

The reports find major short term impacts would be experienced in Haberfield, Homebush and elsewhere. Here is a summary of the reports.

The consultant recommends mitigation for a number of potential impacts but overall the report fails the convey the seriousness and significance of impacts, some of which are already occurring.

This post presents some additional reasons why the social and economic impact reports are inadequate.

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Ashfield Mayor calls Westconnex tunnel proposal “unacceptable”,”absurd” and “outrageous”

Ashfield Mayor Lucille McKenna has left residents and Westconnex in no doubt about her views on the M4E tunnel proposal that will turn part of her local neighbourhood into a construction zone for three years. At a public meeting called by Council on September 23, she described the impact of various aspects of the proposal as “unacceptable”, “outrageous” and “absurd.” The People’s M4 EIS has published extracts from her speech, her more recent statement and the text of a motion that was passed unanimously at the meeting.