Serious flaws in Social and Economic Impact study

(The People’s EIS has already published a number of individual stories that demonstrate the severe social impact of the proposed project. We have suggested that the GHD Social and Economic Impact study that was prepared in conjunction with AECOM is inadequate. These reports were contained in Appendices M and N and were combined into a single chapter in the main report.)

The reports find major short term impacts would be experienced in Haberfield, Homebush and elsewhere. Here is a summary of the reports.

The consultant recommends mitigation for a number of potential impacts but overall the report fails the convey the seriousness and significance of impacts, some of which are already occurring.

This post presents some additional reasons why the social and economic impact reports are inadequate.

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Dr Victor Storm – response to Westconnex M4 East EIS


I write this from several perspectives. I am a resident of Haberfield and work locally. I am a registered medical practitioner with specialist qualifications in both child & adolescent and general psychiatry (FRANZCP) and public health medicine (FAFPHM). Additionally I am a graduate of Harvard University in public administration (MPA) and of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).

This document summarises my objections to the recently published EIS for the M4East proposal. It concentrates on aspects of the health and social impact, including social & emotional wellbeing of residents as a consequence of the M4 East proposal. This along with linked projects, the M5 East duplication & the M4-5 link projects are the bulk of the 33 km long road & tunnel project, collectively known as WestConnex.

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Submission by Sharon Laura of Haberfield

Few people know more about the impact of Westconnex than Haberfield resident Sharon Laura. Her home in Haberfield would be surrounded by massive construction sites should the M4 East be allowed to go ahead. Drawing on her long experience with social and health issues, Sharon has met, talked and provided support to hundreds of residents along the project route, including tenants and owners who are deeply distressed at having their homes taken off them with such short notice to leave. She is a spokesperson for the Haberfield Westconnex Action Group and has attended lots of EIS and information sessions where she has tried to get answers to her many questions. This is just part of her submission. Sub headings and some emphases have been added by People’s EIS editor

Sharon Laura ( sitting) at Stop Westconnex protest with neighbours. September, 2015
Sharon Laura ( sitting) at Stop Westconnex protest with neighbours. September, 2015

I write to submit in relation to the Environmental Impact Statement for the WestConnex M4 East project. I am opposed to both the M4 East project and all other proposed stages of WestConnex. I request a response to my concerns outlined in this submission. (20151030 SL Final Part A)

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AECOM poor choice for EIS given conflicts of interest

By Wendy Bacon

Those who have submitted contributions to People’s EIS have pointed out serious flaws in Westconnex EIS reports. On Friday, Ashfield Council published its submission, which includes further critical reports from independent consultants.

It is therefore relevant to look more closely at the company that prepared the M4 EIS.
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Major flaws in Westconnex EIS Traffic report

(Ed: These comments about Westconnex Traffic Modelling are relevant to the Westconnex M4 EIS traffic chapter that is already published on the People’s EIS.Traffic modelling can be daunting but we hope that this contribution, along with other contributions on traffic, can help you prepare your own submission.)

By Anthony McCosker*

Traffic Modelling Flaws

Chapter 8 Traffic and transport and the associated appendix (Appendix G) are based on traffic modelling based on a three-stage system Continue reading