How to be heard.

Submissions for the Westconnex M4 East EIS have closed.

We don’t know how many submissions there were yet; WestConnex Action Group had over 1100 hardcopy submissions, and over 1,100 electronic submissions. Greens Jamie Parker and Jenny Leong had 1427 submissions between them, and that doesn’t count the huge quantity of submissions that went directly to the department of planning.

The next thing we need to do is to make sure the department treats these submissions and the issues they’ve raised with the seriousness deserved.

That means we need to keep the pressure up.

We’ll be publishing some more submissions for the M4 East and getting ready for the People’s EIS for the Westconnex M5 EIS.

We will be following the planning process through so you will hear from us again soon.

If you have ideas of how we can develop the People’s EIS concept, leave us a message here


8 thoughts on “How to be heard.

  1. Love the site. Really helpful.

    But do you reckon you can bring ‘How To Object’ up into a more prominent position, or with multiple pointers throughout the site? Scrolling down comments by contributors is satisfying. I really appreciate the information. But I hadn’t remembered where the link for formally submitting to the Department of Planning was on the site, and had missed it previously. If you can, please make it easier for us to find that link, so can refer others onto it, and also submit on line. Thanks. Sharon


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